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Global Sensor Summit Forum held in Hefei, High-tech zone will build "core city"

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The 3rd Global Sensor Summit and China iot Application Summit hosted by Hefei Municipal Government and Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences kicked off at Swan Lake Hotel in Hefei.

At the meeting, the relevant national, provincial and municipal leaders, domestic and foreign well-known sensor and Internet of things industry experts and scholars, application manufacturers, investment institutions and other more than 500 units of more than 1,000 integrated circuit big names, jointly witnessed the "China Hefei High-tech zone core City" project launch. Ye Tianchun, Director of the Institute of Microelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ding Wenwu, President of the National Integrated Circuit Investment Fund, and Wang Xiang, Vice mayor, attended and addressed the meeting.

Ye Tianchun said that he hopes to take this event as a platform to let more ideas collide here and boost the information and intelligent new era of global prosperity.

Ding Wenwu said that it is hoped that everyone will take this meeting as a platform to jointly explore the new technology, new industry and new economy spawned by the Internet of Things technology and application, and discuss development strategies.

Wang Xiang said that Hefei integrated circuit industry development foundation has the strength of the development of sensors and Internet of things industry, and will strive to build China's IC capital. It is hoped that the experts and entrepreneurs present their suggestions for the development of Hefei integrated circuit industry.

At the opening ceremony of the summit, Wang Wei, Assistant director of the Management Committee of Hefei High-tech Zone, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Building a High-tech Core City, Building an Innovative Chinese Dream", and made a special introduction to the economic and social development of Hefei High-tech Zone and the planning of Core City.

At the meeting, the signing ceremony of the first batch of projects of "Core City" in Hefei High-tech Zone, China, was also held. Canchip Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., LTD., a leading international IC design service company and one-stop service provider, signed a cooperation agreement with Synopsys, Cadence, Mentor, Beijing Antron Space Technology Co., LTD. (ARM subsidiary) and other international IC design industry giants on the establishment of Canchip integrated circuit business incubator.

In recent years, Hefei has become one of the fastest growing and most significant cities in the domestic integrated circuit industry. Under the strong leadership of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, Hefei High-tech Zone has accelerated the layout, promoted innovation drive, and focused on recruiting. In 2016, the comprehensive ranking jumped to the 7th place in the country and was approved as the integrated circuit industry cluster development base in Anhui Province. It has become a backbone of the development of war new industry in Hefei City and even Anhui Province.

It is reported that "Core City" is mainly positioned as a functional platform for the development of the IC industry, further enriching the substantive connotation of the development of Hefei integrated circuit industry base. The plan mainly focuses on the building of the whole chain of integrated circuit front-end design industry. Through a series of support means such as financial services, talent training, technology transfer, platform services, and enterprise incubation, the plan focuses on nine application fields: new display, Internet of Things and smart home appliances, automotive electronics, data storage and processing, wearable and big health, robotics, Beidou, communication equipment, and aerospace. Build seven platforms: "Chip design tool Platform (EDA)", "Chip Design IP Core Platform (Alliance)", "Design Verification and Analysis public platform (ICC)", "talent training support platform", "regional IC industry financial support platform", "production core integration and development bridge platform", and "IC business incubation platform". Accelerate the cultivation and element gathering of integrated circuit design industry, cultivate a group of leading clusters of design industry, and promote the IC design industry to achieve a breakthrough from quantitative change to qualitative change again in the region. According to the construction plan, by 2020, the "core city" built by Hefei High-tech Zone has a total of more than 30,000 employees, gathering more than 200 R & D and design enterprises of various types, and achieving the economic goal of IC industry's total revenue exceeding 20 billion yuan and driving other industries to form 120 billion yuan of output value increment. It will build Hefei High-tech Zone into a leading domestic and world-renowned IC design industry gathering place, and make important contributions to Hefei's IC industry competing for the top five in the country during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period.

It is understood that compared with the traditional ICC, the contracted project Cancore business IC incubator emphasizes more on cooperating with EDA software vendors (such as Cadence, Synopsys, Mentor, etc.), IP core manufacturers (such as ARM, Synopsys, etc.), IC design companies for project research and development innovation, and directly docking with wafer manufacturers. According to the laws of the IC industry, the elements are gathered to optimize the manufacturing capacity. The project will help lower the threshold of innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of IC design, provide design platform services and one-stop full service including DFM, yield improvement, packaging and testing for start-up and small and medium-sized IC design enterprises, promote the upstream and downstream IC enterprises to settle in, and enhance the international brand influence of "Core City". It is of great strategic significance to build an integrated circuit design industry with international influence.

It is reported that the Global Sensor Summit and China Internet of Things Application Summit hosted by the Hefei Municipal government, the Institute of Microelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hefei High-tech Zone, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Research and Development Center of the Internet of Things, to sensor technology and Internet of things application as the focus of the discussion, two days, will be closed on September 23. During the event, thousands of guests will discuss the present and future, challenges and opportunities of global sensors, China's Internet of Things application industry.